Vacation in New Caledonia

Visiting New Caledonia

Visiting New Caledonia

Vacation in New Caledonia gives pleasant Pacific Island beauty infused with a unique French flavor. In Noumea, you can be able to view stylish boutiques, beautiful dining, wonderful beaches and bays. On the outskirt of the city, there is a huge amount of landscapes, from lush river valleys, rolling plains, tumbling waterfalls, steep mountains, wild coastlines and cool rainforests are that best holiday experience. Lifou contains the charming landscapes in the pacific islands. It is the biggest coral atoll; under the water you can be able to view coral reefs along with the vibrant colored marine life. You can also see jinek bay is the highest best reefs in pacific which is situated a short stroll from the place where the ship docks.Here you can see white beaches, limestone caves and lush forests. You will be surprised on seeing breathtaking views.

The northern coast is made up of steep cliffs that are high and the southern coast of the island contain white colored sand beaches with wonderful turquoise waters. You will find that spending time here seems slowly than on the pacific island. It is also measured by sunrises and sunsets, tides instead of clocks. It contains the excellent beauty of the island that has tackled to maintain its traditional culture of kanak. It is the society based on a clan, tight structure and an affinity with the land that they have inhabited for more number of years. Noumea is the port where nickel ore are exported by New Caledonia. It is the largest port and you can visit to this city in short time because it is near the port. Train le petit is one of the famous ways of visiting noumea.

The popular tjbaou cultural centre is an architectural place. It is one of the masterpieces of the south pacific island with twenty minutes walk exterior the centre. Number of other places to visit is little bit distance and tours through fun car, motor trike, helicopter or bile provide the best method to visit the city. Certain best tours are on offer exterior of the city, hiking mount koghis, 4WD in the bush and kayaking the Dumbea River. Noumea is the capital of New Caledonia. The center point of the city is Coconut Park with the beautiful colonial homes and wonderful Bougainville and hibiscus. The marina is valuable a visit and there are some beautiful beaches at baie des citrons, anse vata and Pointe magnin.

The comprehensive tour of this place offers you a guided overview of the city bays, hills, country side and beaches. In the first stop you will see a big view back over the Noumea city. Next stop will be in Robinson, the district. In this district you can see la conception church that is constructed by missionaries in the year 1874. It is the cemetery remains a famous place for large number of pilgrims who gather yearly to celebrate the assumption on 15th august. Next place is quen tora lookout, where you can see beaches and bays. The last stop of the tour is anse vata nouvata restaurant.